10 Sep

Interactive Fitness Trail Coming to Local Elementary School

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COLA DAILY – Engaging in regular physical activity has been shown to have many benefits for children, including helping to improve their academic performance and their overall wellness.

Students at Burton-Pack Elementary School soon will have an interactive fitness trail on their campus that they can use daily. The project is an initiative of the Columbia chapter of The Links Inc., which “adopted” Burton-Pack in 2014. Three local construction companies — Brownstone Construction, Contract Construction and Orion Construction — are donating the labor and materials for the exercise fitness trail.

A groundbreaking ceremony last week kicked off the project. Speakers were Burton-Pack Principal Sarah G. Smith; Brandolyn Pinkston and Bettie Owens of The Links; Richland One Superintendent Craig Witherspoon; and Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. Attendees included Burton-Pack students and staff and members of the Belvedere Neighborhood Association.

The exercise fitness trail is expected to be completed this November and will include several exercise stations with signs that give step-by-step instructions on various physical activities, such as jumping jacks or sit-ups. The exercise fitness trail also will feature benches and student gardens.

“The students and Belvedere community members are excited about having an exercise trail on site. It is conveniently located and students will have easy access to exercise on a daily basis,” Smith said.


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