Baptist Hill High School 7th and 8th Grade Classroom Addition

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The construction of a new classroom building on the campus of Baptist Hill High School now accommodates 7th and 8th Graders (who were previously housed in portable classrooms on site) and is now complete. The new facility incorporates the “Single-Gender” concept which is used at BHHS to provide separate teaching spaces for boys and girls. An initial Site Package was completed to install utility infrastructure for water, sewer and electrical modifications. The new building contains classrooms, science labs and a computer lab to serve the middle school population.  After the removal of the former portables, extensive work was completed to provide a new bus loop/parking area on the campus.

Brownstone’s Responsibility: Agency CM
Owner: Charleston County School District
Completion Date: August 2011
Project Size: 20,000 SF
Project Budget: $6,000,000
Location: Hollywood, SC

Baptist Hill HS Baptist Hill HS2.png


K-12/ August 16, 2011

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