Richland County Penny Sales Tax Program

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Richland County Council voted to place the transportation penny on the ballot after a great deal of deliberation and study, which began back in 2006 when it established a 39-member citizen led Transportation Study Commission. This Commission held numerous public input meetings and completed a comprehensive study which addressed failing roads, the lack of sidewalks and greenway infrastructure. During these public meetings citizens said they also wanted an improved bus service. The council also sought the input of other area elected officials.

Brownstone will manage and oversee design and construction for bikeway, sidewalk, greenways, and pedestrian improvements included in the Richland County Penny Program. During the construction phase of the program, the firm will also lead the procurement process while utilizing small, local firms that have been certified through Richland County’s SLBE office.

Client: Richland County Government
Location: Columbia, SC

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Transportation/ September 17, 2015

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